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The Real Deal

Soaring through the Quad at speeds greater than one could imagine and seeing Quad City from high above. Yes, I was one of the "kids" that went down the zipline in Quad City during homecoming. As I stood atop the platform, harnessed up for my flight, I realized my companion on the ride down was none other than Captain Skyhawk. As we leapt from the platform, Captain cut through the air like a bird on a hunt, ending his journey on the ground with admirers taking snapshots and asking for pictures with him. I on the other hand, screamed all the way down and ended up with my feet dangling above my head. It was the thrill of the moment that leads me to write this issue's article. The thrill of the moment...

What was that moment in your life as a student that maybe changed your focus on priorities or influenced your decision on a major? Do you ever wonder "what if" when you look through the alumni notes in the Campus Scene and read about classmates?

As I stood there looking at Quad City, I was thrilled beyond comprehension. The number of alumni and friends visiting was simply outstanding. The participation from the student groups and Greeks, the colleges and departments reminded me of my college days of always knowing somebody I would pass on the sidewalk around campus. Some have asked why we parked the parade and created Quad City. If you have not experienced homecoming or Quad City, you might ask the question, too. But, for those who have, the answer is simple…reconnecting.

My challenge for you this time is for you to visit campus during Homecoming 2014 activities and reconnect. You will be amazed by what you see and hear. To quote one individual this past year, "It is amazing a campus this size has something this wonderful!" For those who have not attended Quad City in the past, send an email to and tell us you are attending. The first 25 alumni to respond will receive a gift at the alumni tent during Quad City.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support of UT Martin. See you October 25 for Homecoming 2014.

Charley Deal ('92, '96)
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations and Annual Giving