UTM has a number of events and activities that are traditions at our campus. This list is by no means inclusive, but it is designed to spotlight a few of these special programs. Check back as we update this list and also highlight events with video clips and photos.

The Annual All-Sing

Designed as an amateur choral music competition, student organizations sing medleys of songs based on themes selected earlier in the year. The All-Sing has been a part of UTM for more than 30 years.

UTM Homecoming Week

A weeklong series of events to promote UTM alumni and friends who come back to campus during the UTM football season. Events include Pyramid, the NPHC Homecoming Stepshow, Ropepull, and the newest edition to Homecoming - Quad City, with more than 60 tents, live music and more on the Saturday of Homecoming.

UTM Legacy Luncheon

Each year on move-in day, alumni and legacies are guests of the Alumni Association at the Legacy Luncheon in Paul Meek Library. Legacies are important to the university, sharing traditions with the next generation.

UTM Grand Finale Celebration and Senior Walk

Beginning in December 2004, this event honors seniors and serves as a venue to welcome them to the UT Alumni Association. The event concludes with the playing of the alma mater and the senior walk through the heart of the campus, with students cheered on by faculty, staff, students and friends.

UTM/MSU Blood Battle

A long-standing rivalry goes to help a good cause. Each year Murray State and UTM go head-to-head to see which campus can donate the most blood to assist the Red Cross in this area.

UTM Rodeo

Celebrating its 40th birthday in 2008, the UTM Rodeo is one of the premier collegiate rodeos east of the Mississippi. The annual rodeo features cowboys and cowgirls from all over the region.

UTM Greekfest

A weeklong celebration of Greek life at UTM, the event features activities and educational opportunities for the UTM Greek community, beginning with the annual Greek Awards Banquet and ending with the Greekfest Stepshow. Each year a philanthropy is selected as the highlight for the week.